Lead testing


Use our lead analysis to detect lead pipes

Loodinwatertesten.nl is an initiative of Het Waterlaboratorium in collaboration with the drinking water companies Dunea, PWN and Waternet. Het Waterlaboratorium is accredited (RvA: L404), operates as an authority in the field of drinking water research, and provides honest advice when analysis is not even necessary. The used method for analysing lead is very sensitive and can detect trace levels. By choosing the lead-in-water test, analysis results and potential further steps that might be required are explained on our website. This approach fits perfectly with the 'Advies monsternamestrategie opsporen loden leidingen', which was established by RIVM, partly based on our experiences.

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On our website Loodinwatertesten.nlall information can be found about, for example, pipes containing lead and how to request a test.