Reliable and safe drinking water for employees of the offshore industry


The drinking water quality is also of great importance within the offshore industry. After all, people ‘Offshore’ also consume drinking water, prepare food and take showers. Reliable and safe drinking water is therefore an essential factor for the health of employees on platforms and ships.  



A closer look at definitions

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Het Waterlaboratorium regularly checks the quality of the drinking water from, for example, the drinking water tanks on the quay, to the tap points present at the platform. Besides, supply ships that supply drinking water to the platforms are also regularly checked. The crew at the platform itself carries out the sampling procedure and receives instructions for sampling.

After sampling, the drinking water samples are directly transported to the mainland. Couriers will deliver the water samples to the laboratory using refrigerated transport. Samples are processed within a day due to this fast method. Various techniques are used for different analysis, such as spectrophotometry, gas chromatography and  ICP-MS

Besides, Het Waterlaboratorium uses various specialisms and expertise to provide customers with the best advice on the water quality.