Helping with meeting water quality requirements and standards

Hospitals often have an internal water supply network used for various purposes, such as medical applications, showers, and drinking water. Various legal provisions require proper monitoring of the water quality. For water applications in a hospital, Het Waterlaboratorium has the expertise and equipment to help hospitals with monitoring their water quality.

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To help with monitoring the water quality, Het Waterlaboratorium takes samples, analyses them and, based on the results,  provides advice on, for example, more efficient monitoring of the water quality per application. Helping occurs, for example, if a hospital has to perform a mandatory measurement program, for example, as the water consumption is above a certain legal limit, or if the drinking water undergoes treatment, such as softening. Another example is the water used for steam sterilizers, for which strict requirements apply in accordance with NEN-EN 285. Het Waterlaboratorium helps to examine if requirements are being met.

Besides, dialysis centers from the Netherlands and abroad, ask Het Waterlaboratorium for help. For example, purified water that is used for the production of dialysis fluid must meet strict requirements according to the “Quality Guideline of the Dutch Federation for Nephrology” (NFN). Also, samples from abroad, for example from Bonaire, are transported to Het Waterlaboratorium for further research. If standards are exceeded, an advisor of Het Waterlaboratorium helps to inform how requirements can be met.


Only accredited laboratories are required to perform sampling and analysis for medical applications. However, Het Waterlaboratorium is able to do even more. For example, during sampling, tap points are being inspected on special features, such as defects in a mixing tap, a missing anti-Legionella showerhead, or water that does not meet the required temperature. In any case, Het Waterlaboratorium is happy to provide advice on possible solutions.

Het Waterlaboratorium is happy to inform you on all kinds of matters related to legal provisions, sampling and analysis.


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