Internships at Het Waterlaboratorium

Het Waterlaboratorium is a laboratory that checks drinking water from the river to the tap. With approximately 120 colleagues, we carry out routine analyzes as well as research and offer internship positions to approximately 20 students every year. To ensure this, we employ 12 internship supervisors who are specially trained for this. The vast majority of our interns come from laboratory education. However, we also have a interesting subjects for student from a different field of study.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is an important part of the vision of Het Waterlaboratorium. Het Waterlaboratorium strives for good contacts in the educational field, and wants to be an excellent internship company for (laboratory) education. Within Het Waterlaboratorium, we have a lot of knowledge and a very active internship policy. At the moment, various students are working at Het Waterlaboratorium on an internship or graduation assignment at both MBO and HBO level. Het Waterlaboratorium is also open for University students.


At Het Waterlaboratorium, we have 3 types of internships: routine, graduation, and one-day visiting internships.

Routine internships
At the moment, 5 permanent internships for routine internships are offered at the laboratory schools: 3 in biology (micro 2 and hydro 1) and 2 in chemistry (1 organic and 1 inorganic). For internships of 5 to 7 months, these places are filled twice a year. The schools determine which students fill these internships. Routine internships are generally intended for MBO students. An internship should include both learning and independent production. The learning program for the routine internships is determined by the internship coordinator, the school department (supervisor and supervisor(s)), and with the student. Routine internships can also be provided for institutes other than learning institutes. In that case, this is referred as a work experience placement. HWL makes 1 work experience placement of 6 months available per year.

Graduation research and graduation projects
We welcome students from HBO and University to do a research internship or graduation research at BSc or MSc level. Studies consist of innovative experimental research in the laboratory, literature or data evaluating research, or combinations of them. Graduation research and graduation projects are supervised by subject specialists and researchers/advisors. The program is determined in mutual consultation between the University or school, student, supervisor, and group head.

One-day visiting internship
In addition, once a year per laboratory school, a one-day visiting internship (orientation day) is organized to introduce students to this laboratory field.  This will helps students to choose a direction after school. Longer visiting internships are too intensive and/or not sufficiently effective. In addition, there are often requests from others (mainly secondary school students) for an orientation day. There are at least 2 introduction days per year (in September and in February) for starting trainees.

Vision of Het Waterlaboratorium
The basic principle for an internship or graduation assignment is that the assignment must contribute to the development of the students, and must make a direct, valuable contribution to Het Waterlaboratorium.

  • Het Waterlaboratorium wants to work together with educational institutes to improve the quality of the students.
  • Het Waterlaboratorium believes that they should contribute to the eductation of future professionals on the basis of a social responsibility.
  • Interns can, through their input, contribute to an innovative and learning organization.

Are you interested in an internship at Het Waterlaboratorium? Send us an email with your resume (CV) + motivation to