About us


Het Waterlaboratorium gets the truth out of water



This claim is our DNA. To ensure this, more than a hundred enthusiastic people work at Het Waterlaboratorium every day. We unite to four core values: expertise, progressive, connecting, and pride. Besides, we work quickly, thoroughly, and always strive for practical results. We want to be the authority in (drinking) water quality.

Our core values

Impartial advice based on thorough knowledge

Expertise and quality are important in our organization. Advanced sampling or analyzing methods, molecular microbiological techniques, detection and identification of unknown substances, and toxicological assessment: for all these and other topics, our employees provide their expertise in chemical, biological and toxicological fields. Besides, we are impartial!

Always one step ahead

The drinking water in the Netherlands is one of the best in the world. Staying at the top is a challenge. Besides, we are happy to take new challenges, such as microplastics in water, and unknown substances from industrial processes. We opt for the latest technical possibilities and research methods, such as non-target screening, molecular techniques, or data science. We respond quickly to your practical questions.

Striving for m
ore and better results together

The better we know you and your processes, the better we can support you. That is why we always want to work closely with you, translating research, and analysis results into a practical situation. Besides, we work together with other parties in the water sector, such as universities, and knowledge institutions, to tackle practical problems quickly and efficiently.

Proud of our contributions. Our passion is contagious

We are proud of who we are, what we have achieved, and our status as an authority in (drinking) water quality. When you work with us, you run the risk of feeling that pride. Our employees are involved in their work and in your questions. The open and positive working attitude creates a positive atmosphere. All in all, it is a pleasure to work here.

About us

We monitor drinking water quality, optimize purification systems, help tackle problems in the water cycle at an early stage, and support by giving discharge authorizations.

For the (drinking) water quality, we take care of the entire chain: from sampling sources using an extensive set of instruments, performing advanced analyzes, and providing an extensive interpretation thereof. Besides, we provide extensive advice by focusing on your situation.

However, we also maintain your water quality sensors to monitor the quality processes, and we offer experts if there are any gaps in the occupation of your staffing.


Het Waterlaboratorium is an independently operating semi-public company with three strong shareholders: Dunea Dunes and Water, PWN Water Works North-Holland, and Waternet Amsterdam. These three drinking water companies in South- and North-Holland are our largest customers. As a consequence, we help organizations in the water sector with an eye for social developments and challenges.


The Dutch Accreditation Council (L404)

Het Waterlaboratorium works within strict frameworks. We comply with every legally prescribed standard. For this purpose, the internationally recognized quality standard is NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025. This has been awarded to us by the Dutch Accreditation Council, under registration number L404.

Controlling the water is of great importance to public health, so good quality is a must. In order to guarantee this quality, there are a number of certificates and accreditations that are awarded by various institutions. Het Waterlaboratorium is in possession of all required certificates.


Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Het Waterlaboratorium has a ministerial accreditation for carrying out statutory drinking water inspections in accordance with the Drinking water Regulation and the Dutch Decree on Water Quality